Security Tips


Staying safe using smart devices

Attackers use easily available software to scan the internet and find devices that aren’t protected and then infect them with malicious code to form a botnet.

A botnet is a collection of devices that might include PCs, servers, mobile phones and devices connected to the internet, which are infected and remotely controlled to conduct malicious activities. Typically, the owner of the device has no way of knowing a botnet has infected their system.

The more unprotected devices available, the greater the opportunity and scale of DDoS attacks. So while your business may not experience one, your devices may be exploited and used against another network.

Unsecured smart devices can undermine all other security measures you have in place. Do not connect anything to your network that you cannot appropriately secure.

Connected devices that use a camera or microphone can even be exploited to spy on you. It’s important to be aware of the functionality of the devices on your network to ensure your business information and discussions remain only your business.