Do Things Safely

Protect your business by using anti-virus software

One of the best ways to protect your business from malware is to detect risky content to avoid being infected, and you can help do that by using anti-virus software and practicing safe behaviour online.

Anti-virus software monitors and protects computers and other devices (like smartphones and tablets) from infection. Anti-virus software must be updated regularly in order to recognise the latest threats, and should do this automatically.

When you first install anti-virus software on a device, run a ‘full scan’ of the system to ensure there are no pre-existing virus infections, and then set up regular scans.

Back-ups for business

There are two main options for backing-up your organizations data:

  • perform your own back-ups to a storage device (USB or external hard drive)
  • back up to an online (cloud) service


Firewalls can keep hackers out of your device and inhibit the activities of malware and viruses.

A correctly configured firewall will prompt you when it detects an unauthorized computer or program trying to access your computer or when a software program is installed on your computer tries to make an unauthorized outside connection.

Types of firewalls

  • Hardware (network) firewall
    • built into broadband routers
    • effective with little or no configuration
    • protects your local network from unauthorized external access.
  • Software (application) firewall
    • installed on computers and devices
    • often part of the operating system
    • offers more specific protection
    • limits how applications on the device can communicate and be communicated with
    • recommended for all devices.